Get ready for the restart of Basketball

These are strange times. The pandemic shut down most of the sport we love to play. The NBA has restarted, but in a very different shape. Watching it is fun, but playing it beats everything.

Good news is that things are finally opening up and this is a very good opportunity to work on your own game and get ready for the restart.

Honestly … you are not Kevin Durant. There are aspects of your game you can improve. You know, the things you normally don´t have time to work on during the season. Now you do. No more excuses! Ball handling, conditioning, shooting, new go-to moves … don´t blame the virus. Go out and get the work done!

We are here to help. To help you get over that first hurdle by setting you up with the best gear. And we lowered the price to help you get out there.

The rest is up to you!